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Questions you may have about Ransomeware and CryptoPrevent

What computers does this program protect?
It protects any version of Microsoft Windows

Which computers should I install this on?
We recommend that you install it on all of your computers, both office and personal. Please check with your supervisor before installing it on your office computer. If they have any questions, please ask them to contact HDF.

If I get infected, will this tool decrypt my data files?
No. This tool attempts to block the viruses from running to prevent your files from getting encrypted at all. There are many different versions of ransomeware, some of which can be decrypted. Others cannot. There are many stories of people who have paid the money and received the key and were able to decrypt their files. There are also stories of people who paid and did not receive the key or received a key which did not work.

Will this tool prevent any legitimate programs from running on my computer?
Potentially. If you have problems installing legitimate programs after installing CryptoPrevent, please contact HDF for assistance. The tool automatically white-lists the programs already installed on your computer at the time you install CryptoPrevent.

What if the virus mutates and starts to use other folders?
That is a valid risk. The program is designed to automatically update itself to try and stay ahead of the hackers.

Where can I find more information about these viruses?
Google "ransomeware"

Did HDF create this tool?
No. We purchased it from the developer, John Nicholas Shaw, who writes programs to assist managed service providers. We are licensed to freely distribute the program.

When I am using the program, it refers to Foolish IT LLC. What is that?
That is the developer, John Nicholas Shaw’s, company. More technical information about the program is available from their website.

May I give a copy to my family and friends?
Yes. Please distribute the program freely to anyone.

I’ve read that the ransome viruses are easy to remove?
That is correct. Most of them are easy to remove. However, removing the virus does not decrypt the files. They will still be lost unless you pay the ransom.

How do I install CryptoPrevent?
Download the program and double-click to install it. Then follow the prompts. Please contact HDF with any questions and/or concerns.

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