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University Professional Continuing Education Association

The principal US organization for continuing higher education, the Association assists institutions of higher learning and affiliated nonprofit organizations to increase access through a wide array of educational programs and services.
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To provide controlled access to shared information to and between a few thousand members. The solution had to be easy to use and be available without installing any additional software on the member’s computers.
HDF solved this challenge with the installation of the HDF WolfForum, a web-based collaboration portal providing message boards, chat, file libraries, and announcements to their members. HDF also provides hands-on and consulting services to help the UPCEA eliminate computer worries and focus on their core business.
How we measure our success:
By UPCEA’s satisfaction and their reduction in workload. Members now have immediate access to shared data 24/7, making them more satisfied with UPCEA’s services. UPCEA staff’s workload has been reduced (time spent fielding requests for the data), allowing them to be more productive in other areas.

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