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NVLSP - HDF's largest email migration to date

October, 2017

In October HDF finished it's largest email migration to date, moving over 120 email accounts for the National Veteran's Legal Services Program from on on premesis Exchange server to O365, without missing a beat or dropping an email message. With our extensive experience doing similar migrations, we knew the steps required. This project was just a matter of doing them on a larger scale. Using Microsoft's support tools, we were able to prepare the path ahead of time, and perform the migration in one day on a Saturday. Users coming in the following business day were able to continue working exactly where they left off, but now they were working with a much newer Exchange server with many more features to save them time and effort.

NVLSP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has worked since 1980 to ensure that the government delivers to our nation's 25 million veterans and active duty personnel the benefits to which they are entitled.

For more information, please see their website at: http://www.nvlsp.org

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